the Singularity

Saturday, May 19th, the Singularity held a collaborative art experience.
Housing over forty artists of various medias from the Jackson and surrounding areas, we are acknowledging and celebrating that the 517 underground art culture exists, needs, and can be provided with a place to work, study, and display their work.

On behalf of the Singularity, I would like to thank all of the artists and writers whose work is on display, musicians, everyone who participated in the drum circle (you guys vibe so well together!), Kristen Andrews for taking charge, filling in the gaps, and putting together the music line up, Nate Norris for also filling in the gaps and helping out so much, Art 634 for giving us a place to throw such a wonderful event, Maggie Riggle for putting up with our scatter brains, Cuppa for basically fueling everyone who came through, anyone who snapped photographs to help…

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