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I love being asked to do pieces I wouldn’t have thought to paint myself. Just finished this commission for a Christmas present. Had a blast doing it too! Little reminder of how much I love to paint, especially outside my box.

Happy holidays!

For a best friends sweet baby fox-

Being with this art show from the very beginning 4 years ago, has been such a lovely experience. Growing with the show, watching it myself, & my fellow artists all evolve has been a true blessing.

The Soirée Macabre is an impressive, beautiful, spooky, organized show! The biggest thanks to Kaiti who’s baby this show is, and to Rachel who came on the past couple years. Both of you make this show what it is, I appreciate both of you & all your hard work so greatly.

This year brought a venue change to Ogma Brewing Co. not yet open, it was special to fill this space with so much love and creativity.

It will be a great place, so go follow these guys, and stay tuned for the heartfelt events they have going before they officially open their doors!

I would be a liar if I said I was prepared and ready for this show. Typically I’m so freakin stoked that I create in all the months coming up. I’m not sure what was going on with me this time around. It’s been a tough, busy year. I feel like I didn’t have much creative energy to give. Then as the show approached I felt a surge of inspiration. I love this show, everything it’s about. It my FAVORITE time of the year, my favorite holiday. I ended up with two, very large pieces;

The Door-

This HUGE, old door. It barely fit into my space to paint. I couldn’t move it myself, because it wouldn’t fit in my car (special thanks to my pops for lugging it around! Love you!). A friend saw it (thanks Lisa!) at the dexter cider mill, text me a picture & asked if I wanted it. I immediately said yes! Then started to stew on what I would paint on it, how I would paint on it. During this time a lot of scary-hopeful, things were happening with women & the government. (I mean they still are). This painting came from how all of that heavy shit was making me feel. I felt hurt for this brave woman, all the brave women including myself. I felt that I would rather take any choice they may have away, & into my hands. The feeling that they are taking everything from me, us. I would rather slit my own throat, and give my life and blood to them, on my terms. It’s morbid. I know. Maybe it’s all just symbolic for all of us to stand up for ourselves?

I’m not sure if anyone really understood it, and I don’t know how comfortable I would have been trying explaining it. I think that’s why I’m choosing to do it now, here, where I can really type out my thoughts. I guess in a safe space. If you did get it, cool! If not, there it is, open & out there. Thanks either way for taking the time to look at her. Now, I have no idea what to do with this huge door!

The Crows-

My second piece, the crows is for a dear friend. She got married this September, and I knew I wanted to paint her something as a wedding gift. Last year at the show she spent the most time with me, walking around laughing, enjoying the creepy-ness as much as I was. We had talked in the past about how she wanted a crow painting. I started looking up crows, and quickly learned seeing one crow was a sign of bad luck, but seeing two was a sign of good luck. I knew instantly I wanted to make this for her. It came flying out of me onto the canvas. I hope her & hubby will love it for years to come.

Thanks for reading!

Have a spooky, and & Happy Halloween y’all!

In honor of the annual Soiree coming up, I’m going to be your typical artist & make a post about the show… about a year later. Eeek. I promise to be better!

So here it is the BIG piece I made last year;

Join us this year for the 3rd year of spooky, creepy, beautiful art, drinks, costumes, and more! Details below on the sick poster by Craig Horky.

It’s an evening you can’t beat, in my opinion.

Wedding gift portrait-

Commissioned Christmas gift portrait-

Flare for your new house? The requests are wine & adventure ? Ok, this is too easy. Those are a couple of my favorite things.



I love the difference adding a frame around a simple piece can do. I thrift frames all the time when I see them cheap. It works especially great with this piece that is simple, but still needed a little more. I painted the sides of the wine glass canvas’ gold just to give them a punch as well.

Hope you love em’ Maggie, happy house warming! ❤️

I’m passionate about art, & wine.

So when I was propositioned to make another (View my first one here) label for one of my favorite wineries in Michigan-promise I’m not being biased because I’ve worked there for 6 years-I was so over the moon excited!

It’s not often that I make art, and it turns out exactly how I have envisioned it in my mind, this happens to be one of those rare moments my mind and hands were totally in sync.

I knew we were releasing this wine on summer solstice, so all I was thinking about was that it would be sunny, & everything is so lush & green. I just wanted the label to have that summer solstice feel. This was also super special because it is Sandhill Crane Vineyards first ever estate white port, which is out of this world!

1420 physical1420 finish 21420 Finish