I’m passionate about art, & wine.

So when I was propositioned to make another (View my first one here) label for one of my favorite wineries in Michigan-promise I’m not being biased because I’ve worked there for 6 years-I was so over the moon excited!

It’s not often that I make art, and it turns out exactly how I have envisioned it in my mind, this happens to be one of those rare moments my mind and hands were totally in sync.

I knew we were releasing this wine on summer solstice, so all I was thinking about was that it would be sunny, & everything is so lush & green. I just wanted the label to have that summer solstice feel. This was also super special because it is Sandhill Crane Vineyards first ever estate white port, which is out of this world!

1420 physical1420 finish 21420 Finish