I would like to mark this day in my life, today I sold my first piece of art. It felt amazing, not only to make a profit from something that I genuinely LOVE doing, but that this person wanted something that I made.

It seems like forever ago, one drunken night I expressed to a room full of men that I wanted to make a painting of a woman touching herself, which as expected they all encouraged. I started this painting early February & finally finished her mid April. I had so many people tell me that they wanted this painting, which was extremely flattering, but for some reason I never really pursued their interest in her. I have been attending the art institute of Novi for a little over a month now and ended up making friends with a man named Brian in my design fundamentals class. When we were chatting one day, me being a painter came into conversation and at the time I had just finished the painting so ended up showing him. His exact reaction was “I need her!!” & that is what brings me to writing this post right now. When I sold the painting to him today it took everything in me not to have the biggest, cheesiest smile on my face. I told him thank you, and he told me “continue what you do, I want you to be great.”  I can’t express enough how happy, & confident this has made me feel, and I will continue to do what I do, and I will be great.

Thank you Brian, enjoy her.