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Three years ago I made my dear friend a painting for her birthday of her sweet pooch Luna! Just like Luna has helped her through hardships, she’s done the same for me. Watching how much my she loves her best friends, makes me so antsy and incredibly excited for the day I have my own pup. My heart feels over joyed to give her a gift that brings her such happiness!

Well she didn’t want the newest, ditsy, adorable, member of the family feeling left out, so here’s Ollie!


Just like most things I’ve done, I never thought I would be painting pooches! I truly love how they turned out, and the the joy it brings to my friends face just makes it all that more sweet.


One of my dearest friends that I will ever have in this lifetime is someone that has never judged me no matter what, always standing by my side. I made this piece for her, taking inspiration from a sermon that I heard at her church one cold Sunday morning.



Every season has it’s struggles, see the end.