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‘Wow it’s what I pictured, but couldn’t describe. You just get it.’

What higher compliment could I possibly receive? My heart is overwhelming warm that I could capture exactly what she wanted for a piece that will be displayed on one of the most important days of someone’s life.

I painted a yin and a yang, each side representing the couples favorite color, the trees represent each of them coming together, rooting into each other. I put the green in the middle where they meet, to represent this. I was told the family on both sides love water, & are always around it, so I this is where I drew the color for the base. The antlers came from the brides reception inspiration, but I painted it to kind of hold everything together.


I love love love doing custom work! From this message-

‘I don’t have so much as theme ideas but color schemes. (I can give you paint chips for a reference idea)
My bedroom is Dark purple, black and silver. I like peacocks, lace, skeleton keys, cameras and makeup..haha
p.s. Your work is beautiful’

came this piece that ended up being one of my favorites to date!




I was asked to do a custom piece, a dragon. I immediately felt out of my comfort zone, something I’ve never done, let alone something that I’ve never really taken interest to.

stepping out of my comfort zone is when some of my best pieces have been created.

Dragon painting accompanied by M83 lyrics.