I have worked for Sandhill Crane Vineyards for 5 years this September, this will be my third time showing my art. I am so blessed to work for a place that I am passionate about, and even more so to be able to put my other passion on their walls.

My art will be going up January 17th, and 20% of all sales from my art will go to the Aware Shelter in Jackson MI. 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence in their life. The Aware shelter strives to eliminate domestic and sexual violence while promoting social change and empowering survivors by offering shelter & services to help a cause that not only has effected my life, but so many other women that I know.

I will be using bright and vibrant colors to bring life to the walls of the winery at such a gloomy time! Almost all my pieces will have a theme for one of our biggest upcoming festivals, Wine & Wool on January 28th.

The first year that I worked this event I thought all my bosses were over exaggerating about how busy, and full of life the winery would be in the middle of the winter. They were not. I’m hoping that my pieces are a hit with this crowd, that I know appreciate another artists craft. I cant wait to show again, and I absolutely cannot wait to donate to the Aware shelter!

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