I had the wonderful opportunity to show my art along with 40+ local amazing artists, in an art show orchestrated by

The Singularity, Love Brightly.



When I was first given the theme of the art show I struggled to find inspiration for my pieces. I wanted to stay with a warm color palette, to me love is warm so that is how I wanted my pieces to feel. These are my three pieces, one of which my roommate, and one of my best friends wrote a beautiful piece of literature for.

 “Anophthalmia Love” Acrylic on Canvas.12×24


Photo by; Kaiti McDonough

“Poiesis Rhythm” Acrylic and watercolor on canvas


Photo by; Kaiti McDonough

Literary Work by; Dominique Linden.

“Laugh at the weird. Dream! Be ready to sacrifice. Light up, Dim down. Comfort alongside Aches, hard breaks. There is no mold for Love. I will take you here and now.”

“Kardia” Acrylic, and watercolor on canvas. 4×4


Photo by; Accalia Shroads

So thankful for to have had another opportunity like this, and for all the support that I was shown.