I love to paint, but what I love most about painting is when someone requests a specific piece from me. I love taking their idea and translating it onto a canvas.

The first request I had was from a beautiful young mother who was looking for some art to put into her sons playroom, she told me he was really into dinosaurs so I ran with it.

I made this one first, going with cool colors. It took me some time, I couldn’t get into the groove at first, but once it clicked I had it finished within the day;


and started on the second warmer piece;


I went into this one only knowing that I wanted it to be warm, to counteract the very cool piece I created. Then I was struck with the idea of making a sunrise effect, followed by my signature messy-ness and paint speckles.

The second request I got was sent to me in a message on the FB page I recently created, I had never met this young woman before, but absolutely fell in love with her idea. She told me that she loved Disney princesses, and at first I was thinking “utoh.. I’ve never done anything girly and princess like before..” I am always ready, and willing for a new challenge, but then she continued to explain her idea, which was a Disney, female villain. I was hooked! I asked what she wanted exactly, in terms of color scheme and which villain but she told me she loved my style and my sexier paintings, and gave me free rein.

This is what resulted;



I could not be more happy, and pleased with her reaction of excitement and love for the piece. She truly flattered me.

I look forward to any and all requests, and ideas for paintings that will come to me in the future. Of course I love to paint, just to paint and let my own imagination run wild, but I also love the collaboration and the happiness I can give from taking someones idea and transforming it into art.